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The Ultimate Guide To Colorado Weddings & Elopements!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Congratulations-you’re getting married in Colorado!

....but, planning a Colorado wedding isn’t as easy as it sounds! There are tons of unique State and County laws to navigate- and then there’s the normal non-stop recruiting, coordinating, traveling- finding vendors and lodging, and so much more! Without a little guidance and direction, the process can quickly become frustrating and overwhelming. That’s exactly why we created our Ultimate Guide to Colorado Weddings and Elopements. In our detailed guide- we’ll cover everything you need to know about planning a wedding or eloping in Colorado!




Download the guide and take it with you anywhere! We've included journaling pages, and dedicated space for vendor comparisons and important contact information.

Access local, up-to-date information on top rated local vendors for your event and wedding planning! We’ve done all the research for you so you can make an informed decision about crafting your perfect Colorado wedding or elopement. Our guide is meant to provide local and visiting couples an in-depth look at the stunning state of Colorado- and lays out the laws for all kinds of weddings- plus tips on elopements, obtaining permits, planning a ceremony, essential wedding gear, and how to secure amazing vendors!


The beautiful green fields and mountain views of Moonshine Mountain, Lake George, Colorado's most beautiful destination for weddings and elopements.
Moonshine Mountain, Lake George, Colorado

Navigating Weddings & Elopements In The Beautiful State Of Colorado

Colorado Weddings and Elopements are extremely unique and special- They also present one-of-a-kind challenges that many couples might not be aware of. The following pages are full of valuable information that’ll help you plan your special day confidently! We’ll cover things like self solemnizing- popular wedding venues- best vendors, amazing experiences- comfortable lodging options and more!

Things You Should Know About Colorado Weddings & Elopements

  • Couples can register for a marriage license in-person or online

  • The license is valid upon issue and must be used, in Colorado, within 35 days

  • The fee is $30.00, cash or debit/credit card payment only

  • The license is immediately valid

  • Your marriage certificate must be returned to the Clerk & Recorder’s Office within sixty-three days (63) after solemnizing. (late fees range from $20-$50)

  • Marriage certificates must include the county and location where the marriage took place, the date of the marriage, the officiating party’s signature and title- and the bride and groom’s signatures

Helpful Links-(Colorado State Governments website, linked to marriage laws)

Self Solemnizing In Colorado

What Is Self Solemnizing?

The ability to self solemnize in Colorado is one of it’s biggest appeals to adventurous couples! Self-solemnization means you can marry yourself without requiring a judge or officiant to be present! That’s right! With absolutely no oversight, Colorado allows you to say “I do” to your best friend without having to jump through a ton of unnecessary legal and financial hoops Self Solemnized weddings are legally recognized within the United States, and are recognized among other countries when traveling. Of the 9 states within the U.S. that allow self solemnized weddings- Colorado maintains some of the most relaxed laws regarding the process.

Helpful Links-



Perhaps you've come across several of these websites saying it's completely legal to have your dog marry you in the state of Colorado.


While this rule may have been allowed with no repercussion at an earlier point in time, the law has since been revised.

This is the direct excerpt from the Colorado State Government Website-

"Couples themselves may solemnize their own marriage (perform their own marriage ceremony). According to Colorado Revised Statute 14-2-109, a marriage may be solemnized by:

  • A judge of a court.

  • A court magistrate.

  • A retired judge of the court.

  • A public official whose powers include solemnization of marriages.

  • Indian tribe officials.

  • Clergy.

  • The parties to the marriage.

If you wish to solemnize your own marriage, you'll be responsible for acquiring, completing and returning the license to marry to the appropriate county office of the clerk and recorder."

Legally you can still marry one another as a couple, without anyone else present.

If you choose to have someone else marry you, it can't be your dog (I don't agree with this rule, but I guess I don't make the rules), or a random passerby.

Please make sure you have an official that has been ordained, empowered, blessed-up with the proper certifications to marry you, otherwise your marriage could be annulled!


  • They don’t require a ton of advanced planning, and there are no special requirements

  • No technical hoops to jump through for special licensing- it's a standard marriage license.

  • They allow you the freedom to get married in some seriously beautiful and hard to access spots in Colorado

  • You can be completely spontaneous and get married in “the moment”

  • You can still share vows, invite friends and even have a small reception, a self solemnized wedding or elopement can still have all of the traditions and events found in a normal wedding.

  • Alternatively, this is the perfect opportunity to begin completely new traditions!

  • You can spend as much time with your partner in an intimate setting as you’d like, completely comfortable.

  • It’s completely legal, and recognized as an official marriage.


Want A More Traditional Colorado Wedding Or Elopement?


Self solemnized weddings aren’t for everyone- Tons of couples enjoy the more traditional approach to weddings, complete with an officiant and surrounded by family and friends, all set to stunning mountain views. If you perform a quick Google search, you’ll find that you can book your wedding at any number of venues, parks, and iconic locations. It’s important for you to take time as a couple to find the venue that’s perfect for you, and we suggest starting your search early- as the most popular venues in Colorado are generally booked out years in advance. There might also be hidden costs or unexpected restrictions. Together, let’s explore a few of the most desirable wedding and elopement venues in the state.


Getting Married At RMNP, Estes Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado weddings are synonymous with each other. There’s no more iconic, authentic Colorado wedding or elopement experience than exchanging vows and sharing your first kiss set to a breathtaking mountain forest and snow capped fourteener! If you can get married at Rocky Mountain National Park- DO IT!!!It’s sincerely an incredible opportunity, and one of the most requested wedding experiences out there... which is why it’s one of the hardest experiences in Colorado to book. Time and time again we’ve come across couples full of joy and excitement at the thought of getting married at RMNP, only to be overwhelmed by the increasingly difficult to navigate restrictions, time constraints, volatile weather, unexpected fees and extremely limited availability. Don’t worry- we’re not here to try to scare you away from a RMNP wedding! Rather, we want to prepare you, by setting realistic expectations, and providing a comprehensive look into the RMNP wedding and elopement process.

“Rocky Mountain National Park Is Sold Out of It’s 250 Private Wedding Reservations for 2021”

Here’s What You Need To Know About Weddings & Elopements In Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

  • RMNP has altered it’s wedding permit program.

  • As of 2021, there are only 250 permits available per year for private weddings

  • Requests for permits are accepted a year in advance from the current months date (ex. as of August 2021 you’d be able to request reservations up to August 2022)

  • There is a $300 application fee, as well as a nonrefundable admin fee

  • Your application for a RMNP wedding must be submitted via EMAIL! They no longer accept mail, faxes, or phone requests

  • There are currently 13 private wedding sites available for reservations at RMNP

  • All locations are outdoors and rustic in nature without protection from the weather. Some sites offer seating at a few picnic tables or wooden benches

  • RMNP generally restricts the use of equipment such as tables, chair, tents, banners, displays, etc.- and encourages couples to have a simple ceremony


It’s important to note that RMNP is extremely restrictive on it’s wedding party sizes. Even the most accommodating wedding and elopement sites in the park only offer space for up to 30 people, which includes the bride, groom, officiant and photographer.

Additionally- all of the park rules, regulations and fees still apply, which means that upon entry- all guests must pay normal entry and parking fees.

There are no more than 2 weddings per ceremony site per day regardless of availability And according to the current RMNP website- “designated areas shall remain open to park visitors.

Other park visitors shall not be requested to move themselves, their vehicles, or alter their selected activities by couples getting married. Further, all pathways and trails in the ceremony area must remain clear for visitors to freely walk the path unimpeded. Do not block the trails.” -

Now that you’re fully aware of how tricky weddings and elopements in RMNP are, let’s discuss why it’s still absolutely worth it!

Intimate- Iconic, Rocky Mountain National Park-

Despite its restrictions, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic, organic, authentic Colorado wedding setting than Rocky Mountain National Park. Regardless of the time of year, the scenes offered by the 13 different elopement sites are truly awe-inspiring. The peace and serenity offered by the massive park will allow you to be completely present as you and your partner pledge your love for each other. Couples lucky (or resourceful enough) to obtain passes can enjoy

  • Scenic views: mountains, lakes, meadows, wildflowers, aspen groves

  • Easily accessible: only 90 mins NW of Denver, ideal for travel

  • Plenty of nearby accommodations (Estes Park, Grand Lake, Camping)

  • Iconic locations for photos after your ceremony: Trail Ridge Road (12,000 ft)

  • You are able to apply for your permit for the date/location as far out as a year

  • Exclusivity- only 250 weddings in 2021 instead of up to 2,190 per year in the past

  • Fees are affordable! Most venues cost a lot more than $300

  • Your reservation helps support the park system

  • Park is open year round




Alternate National & State Park Wedding & Elopement Sites

2989 CO-83,Franktown, CO 80116


A budget friendly option with diverse Colorado backgrounds The ideal setting for fall weddings | $ up to 66 guests

  • Rustic, Minimal • Outdoor venue with covered areas offering bbq and electric

  • Options include Pikes Peak Amphitheatre and The Bridge Overpass

  • Hourly rates sold in 1 or 2 hours- (max $300 for 2 hours)

  • Leashed Dogs are allowed


92 Crawford Gulch Rd, Golden, CO 80403


A rustic wedding or elopement option perfect for micro-weddings. On-site accommodations available | $ up to 40 guests

  • Unique, Simplistic, Accommodating

  • The park offers camping, cabins, yurts, a guest house RV sites, a meeting room and a red barn

  • Panorama point is iconic for its views which include almost 100 miles of the Contenintal Divide

  • The reception barn can hold up to 150 guests


4751 E Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO 80125

(303) 973-3959

An extremely intimate venue that offers 2 outdoor overlook sites as well as an indoor auditorium | $ up to 25 guests

  • Wedding and elopement sites offer gorgeous views of the natural geological formations at the park

  • The Auditorium can accommodate up to 40 guests, and includes stadium style seating and a large projection screen with a/v





Weather Resistant Venues More Your Vibe? These Are Colorado’s Coolest!

Colorado weather is extremely unpredictable and pretty volatile! One moment it’s blue skies and sunshine- then seconds later you’re running for cover as the thunder, lightning and hail sets in. Fortunately there are passionate property owners who’ve worked diligently to provide couples venue options that offer protection from the elements, while still offering an authentic outdoor Colorado wedding experience. Here are a few of the best!


775 W Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

(719) 634-7772

A resort styled, tuscan designed wedding venue located in Colorado Springs | $$$ up to 200 guests

  • Classy, Elegant, Upscale

  • All inclusive packages offered

  • Venue, Bakery, Floral and Video Options available

  • Incredibly diverse options ranging from a library room to stunning stone balconies with mountain views


621 County Road 370, Lake George, CO 80827


An exclusive wedding and elopement venue off the beaten path in Lake George | $$ up to 100 guests

  • Rustic, Authentic, Spacious

  • All reservations include the use of the outdoor covered ceremony stage, rustic renovated early 1900’s barn and luxury reception tent

  • On-site honeymoon suite is free for couples on their wedding night

  • Complimentary golf cart transport across the grounds

  • Minutes away from state and national parks


200 N, Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO 80223

(303) 534-5403

The team at Moss will work passionately to curate every detail of your wedding to perfection | $$$$ the sky is the limit

  • Luxury, Bespoke- Truly One-of-a-kind

  • Coordination of all details including live music and custom art

  • With advanced notice they’ll create a mural for your wedding

  • Guided design of the space with lighting, furniture, floral and more



These Micro-Wedding Sites Are Perfect for parties of less than 50!

Intimate, connecting micro-weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Want to get married surrounded by only your closest family and friends? Check out these amazing sites!

Recommended Micro-Wedding & Elopement Spots In Colorado


1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206

(720) 865-3500

Technically it isn’t a micro site- since it can accommodate up to 70 people. But we’re adding it because it’s a real life secret garden | $$

  • Classy, Elegant, Upscale

  • One of the top 5 botanical gardens in the nation

  • Indoor/Outdoor ceremony space- outdoor catering is allowed

  • 70 person capacity for the Mosaic & Solarium

  • The Gardens offers multiple sites, with the largest able to accommodate up to 1,200 people


1100 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

(303) 228-1100

#10 out of 178 wedding venues in Colorado on TripAdvisor and voted best pet friendly hotel in Canine Colorado | $$

  • If your pets are your babies, this is the venue to book!

  • Pet services and amenities available on-site

  • Recently renovated modern rooms

  • In the heart of historic downtown Denver

  • On-site dining, lodging and catering options available

  • 50 guests is an ideal limit, but the venue has room for more


W 28th Ave & Benton Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


This micro-wedding venue exudes old-world elegance with its classic, turn-of-the-century décor | $

  • Incredibly reasonable rates with hourly and full day rental options

  • Indoor capacity of 50 people

  • Outdoor ceremony site with arbor included

  • Venue offers an on-site playground and catering kitchen



Recommended Colorado Wedding & Elopement Vendors 2021

The best of the best! From budget friendly to sky-is-the-limit luxury options. We’ve included our personal recommendations as well as some of the Colorado wedding communities highest recommended and most requested vendors!

Want to use always have this information handy? Download or print our full guide! We’ve left a little room for you to add to the list, and keep track of the vendors you contact during your search.

  • *Please contact all vendors personally for updated COVID-19 information as well as real-time delivery options including fees, areas of service and product availability.

Recommended Florists


1407 S 8th St Colorado Springs, CO 80905

(719) 632-2661

Colorado Springs oldest family owned flower shop, and best of The Springs Businesses 2021 | $$

  • In business for over 50 years!

  • Family owned and operated

  • User-Friendly mobile ordering system

  • Amazing customer service

  • Incredibly responsive and helpful staff (100% Yelp Response Rate)

  • Arches, Arbors & Chuppahs


205 W Rockrimmon Blvd Ste A Colorado Springs, CO, 80919

(719) 548-8646

Colorado Springs fresh flower bar with a focus on sourcing as much local product as possible | $$

  • Master florist on staff with over a decade of experience

  • Assortment of local goods (candy, bath products, honey)

  • Offering floral options as well as wedding & event design

  • Stem bar allows you to create your own arrangement on-site

  • Floral workshops are available


1611 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

(720) 596-4030

Inviting florist offering custom flower arrangements & gifts in a bright, homey setting | $$

  • Beautiful homey setting great for visiting with your bridal party

  • Floral arrangements plus vases, eclectic gifts and sweet treats

  • Extremely user friendly and informative website

  • Giftcards with no expiry date available



A Sweet Selection Of Local Bakers

The cake cutting and tasting is such an iconic wedding moment. It’s full of joy, kindness, connection, a few jokes and plenty of napkins. In Colorado, adventurous and minimalist couples will often times opt for more portable yet still eclectic bakery options such as donuts, cake pops and cupcakes. These Colorado Bakeries are known for their show stopping creations and amazing customer care!

Bakeries & Cake Makers


Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

(719) 599-4776

An award winning French restaurant and Bakery specializing in cakes, tarts and fresh breads | $$

  • Tons of gluten free and vegetarian options

  • Cakes and bakery options made fresh on-site

  • The “Frasier” sheet cake is an incredible and unique take on a Strawberry Shortcake

  • Full service dessert and dinner/banquet options available


1160 Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80204

(303) 376-0070

5280 magazines best bakery in Colorado 8 out of the last 10 years | $$

  • • Amazing selection of baked goods perfect for elaborate weddings or couples looking for portable options for elopements

  • Featured on Food Network

  • Specialty cake options for brides and grooms

  • Wedding dessert bar available




Over 100 flavors of gourmet cupcakes, cakes, specialty cheesecakes, pies, brownies and cookies | $$

  • They offer popcorn bars and individually wrapped treats like whoopie pies and lemon bars

  • Voted as top wedding vendor by The Knot 3 years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021)



Look & Feel Better Than Ever!

Colorado stylists, estheticians and makeup artists are willing to go the distance to ensure their brides look absolutely flawless on their special day. These local beauty experts all guarantee breathtaking, happy results- and have a track record of treating their clients like royalty!

Colorado MUA That Slay




Locally loved MUA specializing in spray tans, makeup and mobile styling | $$

Based In Denver

(720) 434-8208

Makeup, Skincare, Brows & Hair Removal - specializing in all skin tones |$$$

Based In Colorado Springs


Makeup, facials, lash & brow tinting- Waxing services available | $$



MUA with a reputation for flawless makeup application, specializing in glam | $$$$

Incredible & Reliable Stylists


Based In Colorado Springs


Independent Stylist found inside Shoosh Salon- Specializing in luxe haircuts for weddings, and facial waxing

Based In Colorado Springs


Vibrant, upbeat salon and artists specializing in bridal hair and makeup

Making Memories That Literally Last Forever!

Choosing the right photographer & filmmaker for your special day is essential! You’ve spent months, maybe years planning- perfecting details, creating the perfect wedding style and look you want all of your hard work captured and showcased in a professional, loving, authentic manner- right? The storyteller you choose for your wedding or elopement creates memories that literally last forever- The following are some of Colorado’s most respected, requested and kind-hearted creatives- the ones guaranteed to produce magical, magazine-worthy content of your day

Colorado’s Best Storytellers


Photography & Film

(719) 287-6005

Wedding & Elopement Photography & Films specializing in micro-weddings & elopements- | $$$

Photography & Film

(402) 708-8812

Tons of experience capturing couples in iconic Colorado indoor venues, with a portfolio to prove it! |$$$



Colorado’s most versatile storytellers- published in portrait, wedding and architectural work. Full service wedding packages include design



One of Colorado’s most experienced micro-wedding and elopement photographers with tons of experience planning sessions in RMNP and Estes Park

Wedding Photo By Davron Bowman

Davron Is Moonshine Mountain’s Preferred Photo & Video Provider!

With over 10 years experience capturing weddings, elopements and adventurous lives across the nation- Davron Bowman, leader of The Developing Life media, is one of Colorado’s most versatile and adaptable creatives. Davron offers couples unlimited freedom in structuring their ideal photo and video packages- including multi-day cinematic storytelling options.

Design services for save the dates, wedding invitations, and easy to manage wedding websites & media galleries available- with exclusive discounts for Moonshine Mountain couples!

Visit The Developing Life's full photo, video and design gallery here.

“A Well Fed Wedding Guest Is A Happy Wedding Guest” - Your Guests

Colorado has some of the most innovative, eclectic and diverse assortment of options for weddings and elopements. The street tacos, hatch green chilis, fresh produce and creative minds of the state are unrivaled! From private chefs, to mobile food trucks to elegant fine dining experiences- here are our favorite options for wedding and elopement catering!

A True Taste Of Colorado - Local Catering Options

  • *All catering vendors listed below offer services ideal for small elopement to large social gatherings of 200+ Please contact these vendors via their websites, in person or over the phone to verify product and date availability- delivery fees may apply


1701 S 8th St, Colorado Springs

CO 80905 719-635-0200

An ambitious, successful catering collective offering an extensive array of options to suit every budget | $$-$$$$

  • Options ranging from casual to private chef custom

  • The Picnic Basket- Casual Contemporary

  • Buffalo Gals - Rustic Authentic BBQ

  • Cravings- Elegant Multi-Course Options w/Cocktails

  • Heavily involved in the local community

  • Focused on sustainability and local sourcing


92 Crawford Gulch Rd, Golden, CO 80403


Flexible food truck and buffet catering service specializing in innovative dumpling dishes and more! | $$

  • Dumplings, Fries, Pierogis, Gyoza, fried buns and more

  • Voted Best of Colorado Food Trucks by ColoradoBiz in 2020

  • Voted top 5 Food Trucks in Colorado To Try

  • Food Truck Services are perfect for micro weddings


5609 N. Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80918


A Colorado Springs caterer specializing in buffet style options that’ll suit any couples taste!

| $$-$$$

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, app and BYO options

  • Buffet options ranging from simple tex-mex to complete luau and filet dinners

  • Full service and drop-off options available



Closing Comments From The Owners Of Moonshine Mountain.

As one of Moonshine Mountain’s most recent couples (we were married June 19, 2021)- we can relate first hand to the struggles face when planning even a simple wedding or elopement!

As couples planning our special day, we faced an overwhelming amount of options and challenges- it was hard to keep up sometimes! We developed the Ultimate Guide To Colorado Weddings & Elopements in an attempt to help couples stay organized, while presenting verified, validated venues and vendors suitable for all budgets.

The blog post will remained pinned, easily accessible, and we'll work diligently to keep it up to date, and plan on adding more vendors to our network soon!

The digital version of this post is available for download at absolutely no cost- It's part of our almost 100 page Colorado wedding and elopement planner- which includes note taking templates and checklists that are easy to print out and take with you while you’re in the process of selecting the perfect venue and vendors for your wedding or elopement.

We also offer several helpful checklists as well as a comprehensive index full of helpful contact information, descriptions and pricing information.

Download your free planner here!

Don't forget to check back often for the latest updates!

Special thanks to the amazing team at The Developing Life for their meticulous work in helping design this guide! Check them out if you ever need any photo, video or design work!


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